The International Fitness Showcase 2018

What another AMAZING year at The International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool!!  Each year just keeps on getting better and better with so many fabulous presenters coming together from all over the world!!  They come to share their love of fitness, choreography and music with hundreds of like-minded fitness instructors and enthusiasts from all over the UK and abroad – a true fitness paradise!!

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IFS 2017


I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since the fabulous madness that was IFS 2017!!! (and I’m still buzzing from it all!!)

A GREAT BIG MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU to STEVE WATSON and CERI HANNAN for booking us, to everyone who came to support us and who attended our sessions over the course of the weekend.  I think it’s safe to say that the entire weekend was a great success with lots of brilliant feedback being received from all of our sessions!!  It was so much fun getting to bounce about with everybody in such a grand venue as the Blackpool Winter Gardens once again!



FRIDAY 17th March 2017 – “STEP TO THE FUTURE 2017”

We kicked off the weekend with the first session on the Friday morning at 8am in the ballroom as we did last year with our signature step class “STEP TO THE FUTURE!”

In this session Gina and I keep to a traditional format whereby we each teach a block of choreography each before combining them at the end for the finale routine.  I love being giving the honour of presenting this slot as it is great fun being able to get everyone motivated and excited for the rest of the weekend with lots of fun music and energetic choreography!  The energy last year was rocking and this year was no different – definitely the best way to start the weekend!!



Next up was our “SATURDAY STEP SIZZLER” session on the Saturday afternoon from 1545-1645.  This routine was quite different to anything we have taught before and it resulted in being the most nerve-racking session of all.  However, our nervous energy paid off as this was our most successful and well-praised session of all too – some participants even told us this was the best step session they had done of the weekend so far!!! A truly fabulous compliment indeed!!

We were in the Renaissance arena for this session which had a bit of an odd layout.  The arena was in two halves made up of two rooms which obscured the view of the stage for some participants.  The stage was quite small and didn’t have enough room for both of us to be up there so Gina and I decided we would split ourselves in half for this session.  Whilst Gina presented her block, I would go to the back of the first room/front of the second room so the participants in the rear room could follow me and vice versa when I taught my block.  This idea proved to be successful with many of the participants finding it much easier to follow the routine – especially when we added in our disorientating “surprise” (turning the step 90 degrees every time Part 1 had been performed) – which was the key ingredient to making this routine (and session) our most fun and challenging one of all!



Finally, not only did we have the privilege of opening the weekend on the Friday morning, we were also given the pleasure of closing the weekend with the final session “THE ULTIMATE STEP PARTY!!” on the Sunday afternoon from 1430-1530.

For this session we had one more “surprise” in store left for all the hardcore steppers who still had a bit of energy left before heading home!  Once Gina and I had taught our blocks we gave our participants the option to pair up and share a step adding an extra element of fun to the routine being mindful not to bump into your partner!  We ended on a fantastic finale with the energy flying high – especially considering this was the last of a total of 19 sessions over the past 3 days!! We may have finished with “THE ULTIMATE STEP PARTY”….but I think it is fair to say the entire weekend had been “THE ULTIMATE FREESTYLE PARTY!!”



IFS continues to get better and better each year with presenters from all over the globe coming to the UK to share their passion for freestyle fitness with other fitness enthusiasts and instructors alike.

Since attending IFS and now getting to live my dreams by presenting at it, each year now feels more like a reunion getting to catch up with all my favourite fitness friends from near and far whom I may not get to see as often as I’d like and meeting lots of new people and making new friends too!!  Each weekend becomes more and more magical!!  It is truly wonderful to be in an environment where you are surrounded by like-minded people, who are on your wavelength and understand the joy of bouncing about, spinning around and rockin’ out a good ol’ mambo cha-cha-cha!!

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